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SAVINGS - Building a boat yourself results in considerable savings over the cost of a factory built model. Factory built boats cost more due to such contributing factors as labor, profits, sales commissions, shipping charges and advertising. Also, the higher purchase price often requires the buyer to take out a loan. Finance charges and higher payments result. By choosing to build a boat yourself, these costs can be minimized. You are able to build at your own pace and maintain close check on expenditures. Past experience in amateur boat building shows that most builders realize a savings of AT LEAST 50% - often 60% - versus the cost of comparable factory built models.

QUALITY - The home builder has close check on the pulse of his project. You know what went into your boat and are assured of quality each step of the way. You come to know your boat inside and out, thus eliminating any future service problems.

MAKE YOUR MONEY GO FARTHER ... Building your boat enables you to save money which then can be applied to other items you may want to include in your outfit. Thus, you can add deluxe finishing features which the factory built hull would not have. Freedom to customize the boat to suit your tastes is an option you can take advantage of when building.

PERSONAL SATISFACTION ... The great feeling of pride and satisfaction which comes from a job well-done will be yours, once the task is complete.

NEW WOOD TECHNOLOGY ... There is a new breakthrough in wood boatbuilding. It's called the Epoxy-Plus System. The system is simple, just apply two or three coats of our Epoxy-Plus marine epoxy resin to the bare wood of a boat, inside and out, and you have effectively sealed the wood against both oxygen and water vapors. With the wood thus sealed, rot cannot occur. The Epoxy-Plus System also adds substantially to the strength of the hull. The result - a low maintenance wood boat with a smooth, professional finish. Now you can enjoy all the advantages of wood, its warmth, high strength to weight ratio and ease of construction with no fear that you will have to put up with annual repainting and high maintenance.

Customer-built Fisherman - PB 57

Another customer-built Mongoose Runabout - KS 198

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