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Epoxy resins are powerful adhesives, which when properly formulated, soak into the wood, form a waterproof barrier and add significant strength as well. The result - a strong, low maintenance wood boat with a fine, smooth finish. Our own brand of marine epoxy, Epoxy-Plus, has been formulated for marine use and is excellent for maximum adhesion to plywood, fiberglass, wood, metals, and other materials. It also may be used without fiberglass cloth. We describe this Epoxy-Plus method on this site. Basically it handles in the same manner as polyester resins, except that it requires a slightly higher temperature and a longer curing time.

In addition to its uses in boat building and repair it can also be used in repairing window sills and gutters; lining swimming pools and basement walls, repairing auto bodies, etc.

NOTE: Epoxy Resin can be used over Polyester Resin. In fact, epoxy adheres better to cured polyester than polyester resin does and is a superior material for repairing fiberglass boats.


With over 50 years of boatbuilding experience and a pioneer in the wood/epoxy boat building and repairing techniques, we now offer the most complete selection of quality equal mix epoxies available anywhere. Over the years we have tested literally hundreds of epoxy formulations from various companies supplying different types of epoxies that just did not do the job. Drawing on our years of experience, we approached a major manufacturer/compounder to formulate for us a compatible equal mix system, a low viscosity wood saturating resin and a gap filing epoxy glue of the highest quality. We are now offering to the amateur builder and professional alike this top quality epoxy resin and glue.

For building a boat, repairing an old one any fine wood, working project.

Design KS198 was built using the wood epoxy saturation technique. Two layers of treated cloth saturated with Epoxy-Plus were applied to the exterior of the hull. GL-10 epoxy glue was used throughout, the interior was saturated with 2 coats of Epoxy-Plus. The prototype was entering its 15th year and had taken a tremendous amount of punishment in many racing events with speeds over 60 mph. Upon close inspection, there was no sign of delamination, hairline cracks or separation of any of the interior frame work glued with our GL-10 adhesive.


Easily applied by brush or roller. Fail safe mixing system 50/50. Adds tremendous strength. No sanding required between coats. Sands easily for final finish. Low maintenance surface. Remains extremely flexible when cured. When cured, is not affected by gasoline, oil, salt water and highly acid resistant.

Epoxy-Plus is a premium super tough epoxy coating primarily designed for use on any surface where the ultimate in protection is desired. Whether you are coating boatbuilding timber or plywood, two coats easily applied by roller or brush permanently encapsulates the wood, rendering a strong resilient structure.

Epoxy-Plus is applied in two separate coats. The first coat soaks deep into the grain of the dry wood areas and saturates the fiberous cells. The second coat is applied after the initial coat has hardened and creates a permanent barrier against any type of vapor penetration.

The coated area will remain dimensionally stable and is permanently sealed against water vapor which causes wood to rot. If additional strength or abrasive resistance is required, we recommend our treated glass cloth be used on the exterior surface. The key factor is that the wood must be sealed from both the inside and outside and therefore is most effective when used in new construction.

Once the coated surfaces have completely cured, a fine finish can be applied that will last for many years. Perhaps you have witnessed the rapid degeneration of a painstakingly prepared surface into a series of checks, blisters, and buckles once the surface has been exposed to the elements. Epoxy-Plus can do what no other paint, primer, or wood preservative can do and that is to permanently seal the structure to the harmful effects of water vapor. Consequently, we feel that you cannot use a better preservative material than Epoxy-Plus.

The strength of Epoxy-Plus is matched only by welding and is the wonder fixit for boat, home auto and industry. Due to its flexibility, it forms a covering with unusual high-impact strength and long term durability. Epoxy is non flammable and practically indestructible.

  • Penetrates and seals wood against moisture with a tough, flexible, permanent coating
  • Stronger and better than polyester resin for covering wood boats with fiberglass cloth
  • Repair dry rot damage and prevent further decay
  • Ideal for stitch & glue construction

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