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when you need epoxy
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-penetrates & seals wood
-better than polyester
-perfect for cedar strip
-ideal for stitch & glue
-repair dry rot damage

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Whether you build boats, restore cars or just need the best marine epoxy for your project, epoxy5050.com features epoxies with an easy to use 50/50 (1:1) ratio. And a complete line of boatbuilding supplies - fiberglass, silicon bronze screws and bolts, marine paint, boat flotation foam, canoe supplies, marine hardware ... and more.
from our customers:
Last week the 14 boat that I designed and built blew off the top of my car at 55MPH landing on the pavement. The use of your product proved the best investment I ever made. There was no damage to the framework and only superficial scratches to the fiberglass covering. I just finished cosmetic repairs to the boat using left over Epoxy-Plus which is still good after 2 years. You have a wonderful product. Thanks.         --A. Evans, Texas
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